Leaving on a jet plane...

Just wanted to post a thought about how happy I was to cross state lines for a shoot. I guess I've done that before but this is the first time I've flown for a shoot. It was to cover a child's first birthday party. The parents were the most gracious host you could ask for and I met amazing people there. Hopefully I'll be able to return soon and capture the area itself. 


So I walked into a bar...

I guess I have to thank Mr Williams for introducing me to these two here.  The lovely Ms Sutton worked at this local bar Mr Williams and I would frequent. The two were already acquaintances as I was not. So when it came time for Ms Sutton to get married she confided in Mr Williams that she needed a photographer and he mentioned me. A wedding and 2 family photoshoots later and here we are!!!


Break Tradition...

If and when you get married, make sure the wedding is exactly what you want. Don't follow tradition for tradition's sake. Tomorrow I have the honor of photographing the coolest wedding of 2014!



I just want to give a special thank you to Erii. She's the 1st professional model that I've worked with and it shows. Normally I'm busy posing and trying to reassure people but not her. It was all I could do to keep up. I have enough shots to edit for a full month. Also, she's the definition of gorgeous!




Me and BMack. I think I found a future star for #PICWILSON. She's bright and beautiful and down to get the shot. We will definitely see more of her.


Online Store

I just started messing with the store options last night. I'm going to put that in full effect on my next off day from the 9-5. Time to start making some residual money from my work. Special thanks to Kima for being the 1st one to purchase one of my pictures.


Thinking of a Master Plan

You know how it is when alcohol gets involved. "We need to do this...and we need to do that..."  Just left the 9-5 trying to figure out how to make #PICWILSON successful enough that I don't have to go back.


Long Time Friends

This is my girl Sarah. I love Sarah but she doesn't believe me. We've known each other for a while and I don't ever want to not know her. I don't see her as often as I would like and even when I do see her sometimes I'm like "why am I hanging with this chick?"  Sarah has promised me ever since I had my 1st camera, sounds like a while ago now, that she would take pictures with me. It only took 4 yrs for that promise to come to fruition. Of course I have better pictures than this one here but I wanted to show you Sarah how I see her. Just fun!


I remember meeting Shanayia years ago, hearing about her before actually having laid eyes on her.  They would say "hey man you have to see the hips on this girl" or "wait til she turns around..." And they were right! She was 200+ with all the hips you could want. But apparently she wasn't happy with that and decided to do something about it.  A mantra that we all wish we could follow. Words don't do her transformation justice. Now, looking like she is chiseled from Greek stone, Shantayia wants to spread her message of WE LIFT TOO. She wants to let men know that women are a force to be reckoned with and women know that it's ok to get fit and pack on a little muscle.

I've Made It!

There is the Hollywood walk of fame and there is the opportunity to make the Conan show....but once your work becomes the picture on someone's birthday cake; You know you have made it!

Sweet Ride

I went to a job interview at a hidden shack in the middle of nowhere, which turned out to be a pretty decent studio inside, and saw this Corvette just sitting to the side.  Obviously this vehicle's best years are behind it but its the type of item that makes for great photography.

This is me...

Obviously I didn't take this picture. The one and only Ms Mills took it. I just helped with a little editing. St Simons, GA, you should visit it sometime.